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alltowels1Lightload towels are the "lightest and most versitile towel around". Each towel is packed down to a very small size and  can then be expanded using a little water. They come in two sizes:


Standard Towel Pack Size 45 x 15mm (cylindrical) - Expands to 30 x 60 cm

Beach Towel Pack Size 90 x 23mm (cylindrical) - Expands to 90 x 150 cm


These Lightload towels can be used for so many different applications including:


  • Towels
  • Washcloth
  • Seat or Pack Padding
  • Water or Coffee filter
  • Neck or Headband
  • Fire Starter
  • First Aid Supplement

The list really is endless...




Your Survival Gear: Lightload Travel Towels have thousands of uses unlike any other product. Also known as “a cool tool”, lightloads are essential for everyone's survival kit. Use them as fire starters, wind scarves, insulation, bug repellent, sun bloc, strainers, masks, static electricity insulation and much more. With emergency preparation in mind, people include them in first aid kits, toiletry kits, camping equipment, hunting gear, hiking gear, handbags, boats, cars and even wallets or purses.

Saving you Space and Weight:  Put a handful of Lightload Towel hand towels in your pocket and still have room for your keys and money. Lightload Beach Towels are full size beach towels that also fit easily in a pocket with room to spare! They free up lots of space in a backpack or suitcase making them essential as travel accessories and outdoor gear. The beach towels weigh less than 114g. The standard towels are 14g. When wet they are much lighter compared to cotton and other fibres. To put that in perspective, these beach towels are lighter in weight than a wet bandanna.


Wicks Water Away from you: Wicking fabric draws excess moisture off of the skin keeping you insulated in the cold. Lightloads are perfect for mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, touring, hiking, snows ports, gym use or swimming pools.


Your Personal Care: Lightload Towels are soft against the skin and may provide relief from skin irritations like chafing, itching and rash. They absorb extremely well and can be an excellent baby travel product.


Keep your good Hygiene: Preserving cleanliness is indispensable to good health. While backpacking, travelling or climbing, there is a much higher likelihood of getting dirty. Lightload towels are excellent ‘go to sports cloths’ in these situations. They have a durable water proof packaging that won't get soiled even if you and everything you're carrying does. They also dry quickly and don't give off that souring smell cotton and micro fibre towels do when wet. They are essential for travel.


Saves you money: In tough economic times, why pay so much for the expensive other travel and outdoor towels on the market, when only a few pounds get you a Lightload Towel!? For that price, not only do you get a double sized hand towel that's super absorbent, but you get extra accessories rolled into one. People spend hundreds of pounds for shirts that wick away water to keep their necks warm. With a Lightload Towel you can do the same. You can buy items such as fire starters, wind scarves and first aid bandages separately and spend more money, or you can buy a Lightload Towel which has all of the above and save!


Entertains you: Use as game pieces for a variety of rainy day activities. People can play checkers, hockey, and catch, or create your own games.


Caring for our Light Load towels: Lightload Towels are hand washable and do last some time with proper care. Hand wash very delicately and keep dry when possible. They are easy to dispose of as well.


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